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You've made the decision and decided that you really need a trendy raincoat, but now you see so many nice coats that you have no idea which one to choose? No problem! We have been selling trendy raincoats since 2010, so we know exactly what to look out for. Below you will find our 7 tips.

1. Waterproofing

The most important thing is of course that a raincoat is really waterproof. Therefore, pay particular attention to the water column that the fabric can handle. This varies per jacket. For every jacket on our website you will find the water column indicated in mm. The higher the number, the higher the water resistance.

The waterproofing scores can be conveniently explained using the following meanings:

  • 0mm: Not waterproof
  • 0 - 1,000 mm: Water-repellent, but not waterproof.
  • 1,000mm - 5,000mm: Waterproof against rain, but not resistant to any form of pressure such as leaning. So it leaks when sitting or leaning. We do not sell jackets with this waterproofness and we absolutely do not recommend them.
  • 5,000 mm - 15,000 mm: Completely waterproof in the rain and resistant to many forms of pressure. Our jackets have a minimum waterproofness of 5000 mm.
  • 15,000 mm - 30,000 mm: Completely waterproof, even under the most extreme pressure. Remains waterproof during shallow immersion. We do not sell jackets with this waterproofing, because this is not necessary for a normal Dutch shower.

As described earlier, all our jackets have a minimum waterproofing of 5000 mm, so you can easily cycle or walk for an hour in the rain.

2. Breathability

The second important point is that you pay attention to breathability. This is important, because what could be worse than a jacket that is waterproof on the outside, but makes you soaking wet with sweat on the inside. A good raincoat has a breathable fabric and ensures that perspiration can escape. The higher the breathability, the faster the perspiration is removed, the drier you stay. If the jacket has a water vapor permeability of at least 5000 grams/m²/24 hours, you can assume that it is highly breathable.

3. Seams taped

A good raincoat has taped seams. This means that the seams on the back are provided with an "adhesive strip", which prevents water from leaking through the seams. This is also very important, because a normal seam still allows water to pass through during prolonged rainfall.

4. Wind cuffs

The fourth point you can pay attention to is whether a jacket has wind cuffs at the arms or press studs so that you can adjust the sleeves tighter. There's nothing as worthless as rain that still gets into your arms.

5. Hood

A good hood is important if you want to keep your head dry in rainy weather. Of course you can also use a south-westerly or an umbrella, but a hood is extra nice on the bike. With a hood, make sure that it has cords that you can pull on so that it stays in place on your head when the wind blows. In addition, some hoods also have a visor so that rain is less likely to get into your face.

6. Moment of use

It is important that you consider what you will use the raincoat most for. Some jackets are really ideal for cycling, but you are less likely to wear them for a walk and some foldable ponchos are great for a festival. Each jacket indicates what it is most suitable for.

7. Fit

And of course it is important that the jacket fits your body completely and that you feel great in it! All our jackets have a size chart that we have made ourselves. We measure all jackets ourselves. Fitting advice is also given with each jacket. Do you still find it difficult? Please email or call us. We wear all the jackets ourselves and have different shapes, so we can give you good advice about what will look best on you.

Well, that's all 7 tips! If you have any questions, please call or email us! We wear all jackets and therefore know exactly the advantages and disadvantages of each jacket and can therefore ensure that you choose a jacket that you will enjoy for years to come.

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