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Our story

Hi, I'm Fanny. Nice that you want to know more about the story behind Hipinderegen.nl
Hipinderegen.nl was founded in 2010, out of the frustration that there were no fashionable raincoats available in the Netherlands. I think everyone recognizes the situation in which you had to cycle from place to place in the rain and had to put on that terrible fluorescent green and purple rain suit again.

"Were there really no raincoats that not only ensure that you stay dry, but also ensure that you get from A to B in a somewhat stylish manner during a downpour?"

We discovered that women in rainy Scandinavia braved the rain in style. Why were these hip and fashionable raincoats not yet available in the Netherlands? And so Hipinderegen.nl was born.

Hipinderegen.nl has grown from an attic room company to a full-fledged company. With a small team we ensure that we make thousands of women happy every year with a trendy rain outfit.

All our raincoats, umbrellas and rain boots are tested by our family and friends and by me. This way you can be sure that you have a raincoat that is not only beautiful, but also keeps you dry. If you find it difficult to make a choice, you can always call or email me. If you have any tips, we would love to hear them.

For now, have fun shopping and I hope that you too will be a little happier when it starts to rain.

"We like people who smile when it's raining" Hipinderegen.nl

Fanny Hoogendijk

My story


Now that you know the story of Hipinderegen.nl, you might also want to know who runs it. That's me, Fanny :) I would like to tell you a little more about myself, because I think it is important that you know who is behind a company. Hipinderegen.nl is not Zalando or Wehkamp. If you call us, you will get me on the phone. If you email us, you will receive an answer from me or Chris. With us you are not a number, but a person who we would like to make happy with a trendy raincoat. Nothing is more fun than making someone else happy. What gives you more satisfaction?


Anyway, so now about me. Who do you buy that raincoat from? That's me :) Fanny! And through many adventures in entrepreneurship, I have now become the owner of HipindeRegen!
My activities in webshop land started 5 years ago, when I sold my gym and bought the webshop SlabEnZo.nl . This seemed like a useful idea, with four young children at home, this could easily be run from home.


A few years passed and then the LoveforRain.nl webshop came our way. At the beginning of 2023 we (together with my partner Chris) took over this shop and entered the rain world. In one year we learned a lot about rain gear, including that it is quiet when the sun shines. The following year we heard that HipindeRegen.nl was for sale and we immediately started to get the itch. How fun would it be to manage the two nicest rainwear shops! 😉


So it worked, how cool is that! If you call for information and hear background noise, that is correct. We live in South Scharwoude with 4 children, our dog Pip and cat Sjakie. My husband's (BBQ) cooking, walks with the dog, crafts and puzzles with the kids make me happy. For the past 2 years I have also enjoyed working in the vegetable garden. So that's me. Now you know who is behind Hipinderegen.nl. Not a large concern that only revolves around profit, but a person who enjoys making you happy.