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Most frequently asked questions about rain gear

In recent years we have been asked many questions about our rainwear. On this page we answer questions that have been frequently asked in recent years and provide extra useful tips!

How does the rain fashion fit?

This varies per brand. To help you choose the right size, we try to provide a size chart for every raincoat, rain poncho and rain pants. This way you can buy exactly the rainwear that fits your own measurements. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

How rainproof are the raincoats?

Hipinderegen.nl only sells rainwear that keeps you dry. The water resistance differs per brand. Water resistance is measured in mm of water column and the fabrics are tested to determine how much pressure they can withstand before leaking. The higher the water column, the more pressure the fabric can withstand. Technically, a water column of 1000 mm is waterproof, but Hipinderegen.nl only sells rainwear with a water resistance higher than 5000 mm. Our rainwear is not only hip, but also very functional.

Does the rainwear breathe?

This varies per brand and type of raincoat. Each raincoat or rain poncho states whether the fabric is breathable. Breathability is measured in the number of grams of water that a square meter of fabric allows through during 24 hours. If the raincoat has a water vapor permeability of 5000 grams/m2 per 24 hours, it is very breathable. This means that with these raincoats you can cycle and walk quietly without sweating.

How should I maintain the rain gear?

We advise you to hang out the raincoat, rain cape or rain pants after use, so that the rainwear dries properly without being bunched up. The coating of every raincoat wears out. Different washing instructions apply to each brand. The washing instructions for the different brands can be found at the bottom of the product pages under the 'maintenance' tab:

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