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DaneRainlover Green vooraanzicht plat
HappyRainyDays Porto Zwart/Beige vooraanzicht
Danedream Drops Poncho Black Hemlock
Porto Blauw/Wit vooraanzicht
Danejane Royal Blue Stork Vooraanzicht
Danefae Danedream Drops Poncho Berrygood Pink
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Tretorn Between Parka Short Ladies Farmer Green

Sale price€183,95Regular price €229,95
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Danefae Raincoat Rikke Navy

Sale price€119,95Regular price €154,00
Danedream Drops Poncho Black Hemlock
Danedream Drops Poncho Black Hemlock
Danefea Bucket Hat Black
Reisenthel Mini Maxi Poncho Black
Umbrella Transparent Paris
Derbe Regenjas Dames Fog Green Friese Island
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Helly Hansen Raincoat Ladies Long Belfast Green

Helly Hansen Raincoat Ladies Long Belfast Green

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Danedream Drops Poncho Dark Yellow Fleuri

Rain gear

Hipinderegen.nl collects all trendy rainwear from all over Europe and sells them via Hipinderegen.nl. So that we can also brave the rain in style in the Netherlands! But how do you know which trendy rainwear to choose?

Rainwear material

First of all, there is a difference in the material used for the rainwear. For example, we sell rainwear with an outer lining of, for example, 100% cotton, but also rainwear made of 100% polyester. Most raincoats have a coated outer lining. The ladiesraincoatswithout lining are foldable and therefore easy to take with you. The rainwear with lining is not foldable, but these raincoats can usually also be used as a three-season raincoat due to their lining. So decide in advance what your purpose is for the rain gear and then make a choice.

Women's rainwear

Always choose a print for your women's rainwear that suits your body. If you are very slim, a larger print with a long raincoat will make you look a little fuller. Ruffles and pleats also ensure this. If you want to make yourself look visually slimmer, choose trendy rainwear with a vertical print, a smaller overall print and a v-neck. Choose an umbrella, rain boots and rain hat in a matching color, this will create a continuous color image that makes you and your trendy raincoat look taller.

Choose the rainwear that suits you

We sell various brands of designer rainwear. Choose a brand that suits you and your trendy umbrellaRain bootssuits. You can find more information about our brands here.