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Transparent Umbrella - white
Children's umbrella Unicorn Transparent
Transparante Paraplu -zwart
Umbrella Transparent Paris

Transparent umbrella

Transparent umbrella

A transparent umbrella is completely hip, but also very handy! You can see through the transparent umbrellas. This also makes it ideal for cycling!

Transparent umbrella variants

We sell transparent umbrellas from different brands. For example, there is the transparent dome umbrella from impliva. This has an affordable price (only € 9.95) and a beautiful white handle. We also sell the slightly larger dome umbrellas from Impliva with a colored edge (€ 16.95). Thisumbrellasare wonderful to hold, because they have a rubber handle. The latest trendy transparent umbrella is from the Fulton brand (€ 25.95). Thistransparent umbrellasare also used by the British royal family! A great fashion accessory!