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Rain trousers

Rain trousers

As a woman, you are not really looking forward to wearing rain pants. They are not the most flattering pieces of clothing. Fortunately, Hipinderegen.nl sells rain pants that still look nice and are guaranteed to keep you dry.

Choose rain pants

How do you choose the right rain pants? First decide which color you would like. Then you choose the fit. Our rain pants are waterproof, but also breathable. This means that you will not sweat in the rain pants. A useful feature of HappyRainyDays rain trousers is that you can unzip the entire side. This makes these pants very easy to put on and take off. LQSL rain trousers are very durable, have a water resistance of up to 16,000mm and are unisex, so they can also be worn by your husband/boyfriend/father/...

To ask?

Do you have questions about choosing the right rain pants? Please send us an email or give us a call. Then we are happy to help you!