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Spring is peeking around the corner. How nice is a winter sun and temperatures above 10 degrees. Sunglasses on and jacket open. But then the question immediately arises, what kind of jacket are you going to wear? It is still too cold for a summer coat and a thickly lined winter coat is too warm. Do you also regularly encounter this problem? Then a mid-coat is the best solution. Then the next question comes into play: what kind of in-between jacket do you want? A transitional jacket that provides sufficient warmth, makes you look good and also protects you against changeable weather. Is that too much to ask? Not at all. We have listed the best waterproof transitional jackets with a belt.

A transitional jacket with fleece lining

One of the biggest advantages of a transitional jacket is that it has an inner lining, so you can wear it when it is a little colder. A mid-season coat is thinner than a winter coat, but thicker than a summer coat. The softshell jacket from Danefea is a perfect example of this. This waterproof transitional jacket has a soft fleece lining. In addition, this raincoat is made of stretch fabric, which makes the jacket feel very comfortable. Large side pockets with press studs and a large hood ensure that you stay warm and dry. The raincoat is windproof, water-repellent and warm, what more could you want? Looking flashy, that is also guaranteed by the Danefae softshell raincoat . The string at the waist ensures that your feminine curves remain clearly visible. The chic burgundy color completes the raincoat. raincoat-marianne 

A trench coat as an in-between coat combines comfort and style

A mid-season coat that perfectly combines both looks and comfort is
the trench coat from Happy Rainy Days . This stylish waterproof transitional jacket has a trench coat model with a wide belt. The sleeves of the jacket are adjustable and the intermediate jacket has a removable hood. In addition, this jacket has a double closure: a zipper is hidden under the row of double buttons. Are you in winter sun, but there is still a little wind? You won't feel anything, because the jacket is windproof. The only problem this jacket brings is that you have to choose. Do you choose a trench coat in a solid color such as green or light gray or a brown check pattern? Whatever you choose, you will want to stroll on the beach, schoolyard or workplace with this transitional jacket. rain-trenchcoat-brooklyln 

A light transitional jacket: easy to carry

Another advantage of a transitional jacket is that you can easily take it with you. After all, you don't have to lug around a heavy, thick winter coat. Are you going on holiday to a place where the temperature varies quite a bit? Then you can easily and quickly put your transitional jacket in a suitcase or carry it under your arm. An example of such a light intermediate jacket is the raincoat from the British brand Seasalt. The
Porth Mellin transitional jacket has a parka style. The jacket itself is slightly fitted, but with a waist cord you can further accentuate your feminine curves. The jacket also has a detachable hood and tabs with press studs on the sleeves and on the back. This allows you to easily adjust the sleeves so that no rain drips in. The two-way zipper is hidden under a flap, thanks to this zipper this jacket is also handy to wear while cycling . In the colors light gray, blue, beige and light blue, it is an ideal transitional jacket for spring. raincoat-porth-mellin 

A waterproof transitional jacket

Are you looking for a waterproof transitional jacket? Then put on the Porto raincoat . With a waterproofness of 10,000mm, you can handle a few rain showers. This waterproof transitional jacket is the perfect mix between function, comfort and fashion. The adjustable waist cord ensures a trendy and feminine fit. Breathable, windproof and waterproof. In other words, you won't sweat like you would in an old winter coat and the wind is kept out by wind cuffs in the sleeves. You can also unzip the adjustable hood and store it in the collar. And if that's not all: with the green color you will certainly steal the show. raincoat-porto-hrd 

Steal the show with a colorful softshell jacket

The moment you can leave your thick winter coat on the coat rack is of course very nice, it is getting warmer outside again. Don't want to wait for warm summer weather but could use some summer colors? Then choose this
red trench coat Rosa . This striking and waterproof transitional jacket is perfect to wear between winter and spring. This colorful transitional coat has a wide belt. This way you can further emphasize your feminine curves. The button closure - with buttons in dark brown - provides a nice detail on the jacket. In addition, the jacket has a detachable hood, adjustable sleeves and side pockets. Are you sitting on a terrace in the sun and can you take off your coat? Don't forget to show off the inside. The inner lining has a cool black and white print with text. raincoat-trenchcoat-hrd-rosa   

A sunny, trendy in-between jacket

To stay in sunny spring mood for a while. How about a sunny yellow transitional jacket? The
 Helly Hansen Kirkwall is made in bright yellow. This waterproof transitional jacket is both striking and fashionable. As befits a Helly Hansen raincoat, this transitional jacket also has plenty of fine details. Consider, for example, sealed seams, a back yoke with breathable ventilation holes underneath for extra comfort, a spacious hood with drawstrings or adjustable cuffs. In addition, the belt ensures that you can further shape your waist. Would you rather spend a day without it? That is also possible, the belt is removable. With these trendy transitional jackets – with a belt for a fashionable appearance – you will always look good. Go outside in a hip, fashionable raincoat and enjoy the first warm rays of sunshine!

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